Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Fire Damaged Warehouse Cleanup in Charlottesville

Before: Our warehouse experienced fire damage in April 2016 caused by faulty electrical wiring. It is said that 50 percent of businesses don’t survive a d... READ MORE

Cleanup of Fire Damaged Warehouse

Before: Our SERVPRO of Charlottesville warehouse and office experienced fire and soot damage from an electrical fire in April 2016. For the story about our pers... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Warehouse Cleanup Charlottesville

Before: This workshop area was one small section of the warehouse fire SERVPRO of Charlottesville endured in April 2016 (For the enthralling story, click here).... READ MORE

Doctors Office Affected By Frozen Pipes

What you see here is the result of pipes that froze and then busted. As the water spewed out of the pipe, it began to saturate the drywall ceiling which then b... READ MORE

Water Damaged Floors in Charlottesville Office

Water is quick to absorb into carpet and even quicker to spread over hard surface flooring such as the laminate floor shown in this picture. This can create sl... READ MORE

Water Restoration to Kitchen in Charlottesville Office

This kitchen, along with several other rooms in this Business Building that is located here in Charlottesville, had been impacted by water damage. The damage t... READ MORE

Water Floods Into Charlottesville Business From Busted Pipe

This Charlottesville business had water damage all throughout including the hallway. Notice the coloring difference in the carpet when it is saturated with wat... READ MORE

Flooded Business in Charlottesville

On June 1st of 2018, this business was flooded with water from a busted pipe. Our crews were on site in less than 2 hours to extract all of the standing water,... READ MORE

Busted Pipe in Charlottesville Business

This photo was taken from our technicians who responded to an emergency water loss. Notice the dark coloration in the first photo before the water was extracte... READ MORE

Charlottesville Water Damage in Jaunt Conference Room

Spewing from a busted pipe in the ceiling, water had made its way into the Jaunt Conference Room. Team members Ryan and Joe were quick to respond to the water ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Charlottesville, VA

This Charlottesville business was affect by a busted pipe. Come to find out that the plumbing in this office was made of Polybutylene “Quest” Pipe. ... READ MORE

Water Damaged Warehouse in Charlottesville, VA

Not only did the water damage affect the offices of this business, it also seeped into the warehouse and the bathrooms. Water takes the path of least resistanc... READ MORE