Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Charlottesville Home Storm and Water Damage

This Charlottesville home had its greenhouse flooded with mud during a recent storm. But SERVPRO of Charlottesville was able to remove the mud and clean the gre... READ MORE

Gordonsville Home has Six Inches of Standing Water After Storm

The above photos show the water damage that a Gordonsville home experienced after a recent storm. There were at least six inches of standing water when our team... READ MORE

Rivanna River During the Heavy Rain of May 2018

This before photo was taken on May 31st of 2018 which was during a major flooding event that Charlottesville experience. What was previously a quit river besid... READ MORE

Charlottesville Flood Damage May 2018

As the heavy rainfall during May of 2018 continued, floodwater proceeded to flow into this house just as it did for many other homes in the Charlottesville area... READ MORE

Heavy Rainfall in Charlottesville Causes Basement Flooding

In May of 2018 we received an extremely large volume of calls from customers who's basements flooded. Many people who had been in the same house for 10+ years ... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Charlottesville from Heavy Rainfall

This is just one of the many basements that flooded due to the massive amount of rainfall that Charlottesville and surrounding areas received in May of 2018. Y... READ MORE

Ceiling Collapses From Water Saturation

What you see here is the result of water. Ceilings were not designed to hold the amount of weight that water can put on it and as a result, the ceiling will br... READ MORE

Water Damaged Ceiling Tiles

Have you ever seen dark spots on the ceiling tiles that you didn't remember seeing before? Those spots are a good indication that you have a water leak either ... READ MORE

Water Damaged Lab

This Lab room located in a doctors office here in Charlottesville was just one of the many rooms that had been affected by affected by frozen pipes. After the ... READ MORE