Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Commercial Water Damage From Frozen Pipes

Here is another before and after taken from the doctors office that our franchise preformed water mitigation services to in January of 2018. You will notice th... READ MORE

Concrete Dust Creates a Problem for a Charlottesville Business

Here is another photo from the business that was covered in concrete dust after a remodeling mishap. These photos are from the floor above where the dust origin... READ MORE

Mud Flooded this Greenhouse in Charlottesville

Another photo from the greenhouse that flooded with mud during a recent storm. But SERVPRO of Charlottesville was able to remove the mud and clean the greenhous... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup in Charlottesville

This office here in Charlottesville was affected by water damage in June of 2018. Ironically, it was right in the midst of the major storm event Charlottesvill... READ MORE

Extraction In Action

This action photo of one of our crew members extracting Cat 3 water in a customer's unfinished basement was taken when responding to a water loss in Somerset, V... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss in Charlottesville

In the first photo you can see the affects of a pipe that had busted one evening after all the employees had left for the day. Once the pipe busted, it continu... READ MORE